Some Positive Results from a Recent NELAC Audit of The Lab

Posted by CleanAir on 13th Jul 2014

The lab's quality systems were audited by the TCEQ on May 13-14, 2014. They are our accrediting body for the NELAP program.

There were six non-conformances, with most being minor (dot the i, cross the t) types of deficiencies.

There were also four positive comments provided in the Audit Report, received on June 13, 2014. They were:

  • TCEQ recognizes lab personnel as meeting the requirements specified in TNI V1M2-5.2.6.a;
  • Laboratory SOPs were well written and very descriptive. Many SOPs contained photos to help describe equipment and techniques;
  • Laboratory reports are exceptionally detailed and very comprehensive;
  • The laboratory successfully addressed 16 of 17 deficiencies identified in the prior assessment conducted 2/21-22/2012

We have a little improvement work to do....But, all-in-all, we're calling this "A successful audit report."

For more Information on CleanAir's NELAC accreditation Click here.